There are many old, little houses crowded on the top of a rock. Several towers and different walls surrounded by the rings of modern suborns. This is that is seen from the Walley-Bridge by a visitor arriving at Veszprém.

The ancient writers of the city also admired the beautiful location of the city, that became the home of the first Hungarian kings and queens. Veszprém is undoubtedly the biggest historical place of the Bakony mountains and the Balaton area.

Péter Pál Guesthouse is located 3 minutes from the centre of Veszprém, along motorway 8, near the Petőfi Theatre opposite the House of Culture.
The Guesthouse is furnished in the style of the early 1900’s. We have different gastronomic collections such as the 400 piece beer-pots or corkscrews, beer-openers, old glasses and not to mention the furniture: old benches, chairs, tables and shelves, that create a cosy atmosphere.

We provide your comfortable stay by our 14 rooms all with own bathrooms (altogether 34 beds), breakfast room, drink bar, friendly staff, cheap prices and flexibility.